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Do Fixed Matches Really Exist?

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Fixed matches is a scam. Run and never stop when someone mentions that to you.

Some degree of ignorance will always be the root of an average bettor’s misery. Of recent, the hype about fixed matches especially in this part of the world have been blown out of proportion and I feel a sense of moral duty to completely expose what’s going on so you don’t waste useful money.

The little information you’d be exposed to on this page now, you might not find easily elsewhere. So i urge you to relax and take your time to carefully read this article.Let me start by stating an awkward truth – yes, Fixed Matches do Exist.  The templates of how matches are fixed we may not look at today, but what is common is -for a match to be fixed, a player(s), coach, referee or someone who has a direct role to play in that particular game is compromised. Mainly for a payoff, although sometimes other factors could trigger a fix.

As much as they’d love to and the massive profit that could come from it, genuine match fixers can’t sell to the general public, they barely advertise it.

Think about it, why should they?

If they must sell these games, it’s sold in the dark web (very closed circle) not accessible to just anybody. and surely not accessible for the meagre $100 or $250 fraudsters charge for it. Ask yourself this question -“why would anyone tell you about a supposed fixed match? if they know the game is fixed, why don’t they borrow a truckload of cash and stake heavily on it? why would they alert the world on social media?

You need to appreciate that bookmakers are intelligent people who are really out for business. Do you know that by simply monitoring the pre-match betting markets it is possible to detect a planned match fixing? Do you know it is even possible to detect on-going manipulated matches by looking at the in-game betting markets?Bookmakers have softwares in place that provides the systems for detecting a manipulated game  once they find suspicious betting patterns.

Over 90% of websites and individuals that claim to offer fixed games are fake. No speculating here now, that’s a fact.  that statistics . It’s no surprise actually since there are no agencies set in place to checkmate some of this things.

These guys are just regular soccer pundits that do some serious research  (If you are lucky enough to meet the few ones that analyze their games) and give to you.  And that’s why you’d always hear them say “If the game fails, you’d get another.” That alone tells you what you’d be getting is not as ‘fixed’ as you were meant to believe.

For God’s sake, match fixing simply means a match is played to a completely/partially pre-determined result. So how can a supposedly sure game in quote fail? What really happens here is that the adjective FIXED is used to pre-sell their service. It’s an attention grabber.


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